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Trios 4
Trios 4
Trios 4
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Trios 4


Trios 4 

The intraoral scanner that takes treatment to the next level.

Realistic color scans. Engagement apps. In-house options. 3Shape TRIOS 4 gives you all that and more. This powerful scanner ensures the convenience of 30% longer battery life and -best of all- a built-in aid for detecting surface caries*.

Built-in caries detection aid

Now you don’t need a separate scanning device to benefit from fluorescent technology. Because we’ve built advanced fluorescent technology for surface caries* detection right into TRIOS 4.

Smart tips with instant-heat technology

The new generation of TRIOS smart tips feature instant-heat technology for optimized scanning. Be scan-ready in seconds with instant-heat technology. Scan 2-3 times as many patients with instant-heat in combination with 30% more battery life. And benefit from optimal scanning due to automatic use counter and tip-change alert.

Wired and wireless in one

No more need to choose. TRIOS 4 now comes as a flexible two-in-one solution that combines wired and wireless with a simple plug-in cord for that moment when you want to switch to wired.