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  • Biolinkdubai provides several international dental branded equipment, instruments and materials in the UAE.

Welcome to the world of digital photography.
Dental digital photography is finally fast, easy to learn and reproduces wonderfully. Never before has it been so easy to get dental shots perfect. And never before has it been so much fun. Every tooth is shown larger than life, every detail is crystal clear and the depth of field is magnificent. That‘s how perfect documentation works. Your patient is also impressed.



Contrastors for occlusal and front teeth shots helps you to point out the details more easily by blinding out the unnecessary informations. Your shots experience a gain in contrast and they get a professional touch.

Dental Mirrors

A dental mirror comes with a removable silicon handle for comfortable handling together with the dental mirror. For buccal and lingual shots we designed specially optimized shapes. For orthodontic images

Cheek Retractors

Cheek retractors are important for keeping the soft tissues away from the teeth and allowing easy camera viewing of the dentition. Helps you to make perfect overview shots. Retractors are more comfortable for patients

Dental Studio Kits

Adopt streamlined design, through reasonable compact structure and ingenious space usage, Stylist magically put 300Ws/400Ws big power studio flash into oval volume that is smaller than rugby.

Portable Light System

Provide even illumination for better dental photos. Designed for all content creators on-the-go who need a professional look for their mobile journeys Super compact and portable LED light Designed to minimize flaws.


Flash head design that is mounted to the front of your lens, this flash provides excellent control over the position of the light and how it will hit the subject. With the ability to rotate the adapter